Bibliography of Published Reports and Ephemera Pertaining to Montana Women

This bibliography includes nonfiction books published reports and ephemera concerning Montana women.

Most of the materials are available from the Montana Historical Society. For your convenience, an MHS call number has been provided in parentheses following each bibliographic entry. Where material is available in a digital format, we have included the link.

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Published Reports

American Legion Post No. 39. Service Book of Men and Women of Rosebud County. Forsyth: American Legion Post No. 39, 1949. (978.632 AM35S)

Beaty, Jeanne. Let’s Talk Facts. Montana State Democratic Women’s Clubs, 1965-66. (329.3 R382 1965-66)

Daughters of the American Revolution, Montana State Society. State History: Daughters of the American Revolution in Montana. (369.135 M76 1894-1940 V.1; 369.135 M76 1894-1994 V.5; 369.135 M76 1940-1960 V.2; 369.135 M76 1960-1970 V.3)

Daughters of Rebekah. Proceedings of the Rebekah Assembly of Montana: International Order of Odd Fellows of Montana. Helena: Independent Publishing Company, 18–. (366.3 RM76 1899-1905)

Davies, Doris C. A History of the Montana AAUW, 1926-1994. Billings: American Association of University Women, 1994. (378.086 D286H)

Davies, Doris C. Idealism at Work: AAUW Educational Foundation Programs, 1967-1981: A Report. Billings: The Foundation, 1981. (371.22 D281)

Dehnert, Amy Hales. A History of Episcopal Churchwomen in Montana, 1892-1958; the Women’s Parochial and Missionary Society of the Diocese of Montana [and] the Montana Branch of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council. Billings: Episcopal Churchwomen of Montana, c. 1960. (283.786 D36H)

Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Alpha Mu Pays Tribute to Those Who Served. Delta Kappa Gamma Society, 1940-2007. (371.1 AL74A2 V.1 (1940-1963); 371.1 AL74A2 V.2 (1963-1971); 371.1 AL74A2 V.3 (1071-1985); 371.1 AL74A2 V.4 (1985-1996); 371.1 AL74A2 V.5 (1996-2007))

———. Fifty Years in Montana: A History of Alpha Mu State, Montana Organization of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, 1940-1990. Ed. Ethel T. Picton. Alpha Mu State, 1990. (371.7 A174AF)

———. Montana Women Educators: A Collection of Biographical Articles by Members of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Missoula: Alpha Mu State of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, 1979. (371.1 D38M)

Kennerly, Joan Bullshoe, and June Bullshoe Tatsey, Carmen Bullshoe Marceau, Doris Bullshoe Old Person. The Wild Buffalo Ride. Illustrated by Peter Tatsey. Helena: Montana Office of Public Instruction, 2009. (S 398.2 P11WB 2009)

League of Women Voters. State-Local Relations. Great Falls: League of Women Voters of Montana, 1964. (320.4049 L47S 1964)

Montana Association for Female Executives. By-laws [and Directory] of the Montana Association for Female Executives. Helena: Montana Association for Female Executives, Inc, 1985. (658.4 M786)

Montana Federation of Women’s Clubs. Club Histories, District II: Montana Federation of Women’s Clubs. Montana Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1964. (374.2 M76F)

———. Butte: The Federation, 1915-1924. (374. M76 1907-9; 374.2 M76 1914-15; 374.2 M76 1916-17; 374.2 M76 1919-20; 374.2 M76 1921-23; 374.2 M76 1923-24.)

Montana Historical Society. Nineteenth Century Women: Archival Sources at the Montana Historical Society. Helena: Archives, Montana Historical Society, 1995. (S 011.008 H62N 1999)

Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of Montana. Order of Eastern Star: Roster of Officers and Members of Subordinate Chapters. Missoula: Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star. 1953-1956. (366.1 M76R 1953-1956)

Research Department of the Montana Education Association. Women in the Workforce. Helena: Research Department of the Montana Education Association, 1990. (331.4 M762W 1990)

Saunders, Edward E. Women Veterans of World War I Interred in Yellowstone County, Montana. Billings: Edward Saunders, 2011. (978.639 SA872W 2011)

Scaffer, Deborah, and Rachel Shaffer. Feats and Faces: Chronicles of 26 Billings Women, with Photographs. Billings: American Association University Women, Billings Branch, 1994. (978.639 F313F)

Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Montana Woman’s Christian Temperance Union: Annual Session. Montana: Montana Women’s Christian Temperance Union, 1883-1890. (178.1 GA 1888-1890)

Women’s Parochial and Missionary Society. Proceedings of the Woman’s Parochial and Missionary Society Held in St. John’s Church, Butte, Montana. Butte: Inter-Mountain Pub. Co., 1903. (283 W84)

———. Women and the Criminal Justice System: Training Seminar Report and Recommendations. Missoula: Montana Board of Crime Control and the University of Montana (Department of Sociology), 1975. (S 364.374 W663)



Bighead, Kate, and Thomas Marquis. She Watched Custer’s Last Battle: The Story of Kate Bighead. Hardin: Custer Battle Museum, 1935. (PAM 756)

Hegstrom, Patty, and Mary Klinkel. Information Alert V: The Status of Women in Montana State Government. Irvine: Center for the Public Interest, 1976. (305.42 H362IN 1976)

Helena Woman’s Club. Year Book of the Helena Woman’s Club. Helena: Press of H. S. Thurber Company, 1916-1917. (367.9786 Y33H)

Mack, Libby Hannock, and Billie Warford. Child Care in Montana, 1988: Questions and Answers. Bozeman: Montana State University Early Childhood Project, 1988. (372.2 EA76CCM)

———. Montana State Federation of Women’s Clubs: First Annual Announcement. Butte: The Federation, 1904. (374.2 M76F 1904)

———. Program for the Annual Meeting of the Montana Federation of Women’s Clubs. Butte: The Federation, 1905. (374.2 M76FP 1906; 374.2 M76FP 1928; 374.2 M76FP 1934)

Montana International Women’s Year: State Meeting for Women: Program and Reports: Carroll College, Helena, Montana, July 8, 9, 10, 1977. Helena: Carroll College, 1977. (S 301.42 IN67)

Montana State University. Focus on Women Newsletter. Bozeman: Montana State University, 1975-1980. (S 376.05 F68)

———. Mecklenburg, et al, Settlement. Bozeman: Montana State University, 1976. (S 331.133 M466)

Women’s Resource Center of the University of Montana, sponsor. Women and Technology: Deciding What’s Appropriate. Conference proceedings held at the University of Montana, April 27-29, 1979. Missoula: University of Montana, Women’s Resource Center, 1979. (S 301.31 M44W)

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