Praise for WHM

“One of the best online resource bases I’ve encountered on any topic. It’s a model for how to use technology in an effective, user-friendly, and simple way. … This is digital history done right.”- Katie Knowles, Teaching United States History

“Every time a posting arrives in my box from the Montana women celebrating their state suffrage centennial, I’m excited…It’s a tender and respectful, and let me say a ‘sweet’ acknowledgment of those who might have been in our families and communities, and they certainly fit into the larger human family.”- Marguerite Kearns,  Suffrage Wagon News Channel

“This has been a fantastic series with permanent value. So glad a book will follow. Well done the leader Martha Kohl and all authors and contributors!” – Kenneth Robison, Fort Benton, Montana

“This website for Montana Women’s History and the blog is such a great, timely and important concept! Thank you all so much for bringing it on. This year 2014 is very significant. The amazing history of Montana women must be made main-stream knowledge. Thank you all very much.”- Vicky Bohlig, Hamilton, Montana

“The Montana suffrage centennial activists are taking every opportunity to blow their bugles to announce some of the fabulous Montana women who put their lives on the line for equality and freedom… The Montana Historical Society is a driving force in the 2014 suffrage centennial and the impact is being noticed.”- Suffrage Centennials

“Utah needs a project like this – I am learning so much about Montana I want to move!”- Elizabeth Player, Facebook fan

“Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE MWHM?! Where else would I learn the fascinating and empowering stories of Montana women? Great stories well told. Thank you.”- Susan Coburn Hughs, Facebook fan

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