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Are you looking for a presenter to speak at your women’s history event?  Check out the list below!

Available Programs from the Montana Historical Society

Ellen Baumler,; 406-444-1687

  • The Making of a Good Woman: Montana and the National Florence Crittenton Mission
  • A Stitch in time: Montana Deaconess School
  • The Evolution of Nursing in Montana and the Great Falls Deaconess Hospital
  • The Work Is Never Done: Homesteading Women
  • It Takes a Community: The Founding of the Helena YWCA
  • Founders and Friends:  Helena Women
  • Public Women, Private Patrons, and the Business of Prostitution
  • Montana and the Landscape of Prostitution
  • Women Who Went Astray and the Justice System
  • Mary Ronan: the Story of an Irish Catholic Pioneer

Jodie Foley,; 406-444-7482

  • Murderous Madame Mary Gleim
  • Between the Lines: Women’s Narratives at the Montana Historical Society

Kirby Lambert,; 406-444-4741

  • Nancy Russell

Available Programs from Humanities Montana

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