Adding Events to the Women’s History Matters Calendar

The Women’s History Matters Project is using The History List to create a collaborative calendar with libraries and museums across the state. The following directions will provide an introduction to the History List as well as explain how to ensure your women’s history event appears on the Women’s History Matters calendar.

About History List

The History List’s motto is “bringing you face to face with history.” The innovative website brings together historical societies, heritage sites, house museums, reenactment groups, and other organizations committed to the preservation and celebration of history. The website allows organizations to post events which visitors can then find using names, locations, and other keywords. The History List also allows visitors to create calendars for their websites.

To add your events to the Montana Women’s History List calendar:

Join The History List

1. You can connect via your personal or organizational Facebook account for instant access. When you create events or organizations, the History List may show your Facebook account as the creator or editor of the event.

2.  If you prefer, you can set up an account with The History List. New accounts receive approval within 24 hours.

Add an Event

Visit At the top of The History List webpage, click “Add Events.”  Fill out the form as completely as possible: every box you fill in will help visitors find your events!

Add that Event to the Women’s History Matters Calendar

At the bottom of the “Add Events” form is a box titled “Tags.”  In that box, type “Montana Women’s History.”

You may add additional tags to describe your event, but make sure “Montana Women’s History” is there!

Another History List Tutorial

Need more help? The History List has created this tutorial.

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